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why carrbide and eruption and original sin has been removed? and also why cant we play robot that we created?

Good questions!

1. We have to remove any robots that we don’t have permission to use in game.  Unfortunately, Carbide, Eruption, and Original Sin are on that list.

2. We are working on getting BotLab robots fighting each other now.  It is our top priority for the first closed Beta.  We are hoping to have it ready by March.

I couldn't play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh oh!  What type of a computer are you running, and what happened when you tried to launch the game?

When will the beta be released


We are looking to release a first closed beta by the end of March.  We still have a TON of work to do between now and then.  We will try to keep up with the status on Twitter as we get new features working.  In case you are curious, we are currently working on a texture painting system for the BotLab, as well as getting BotLab robots fighting each other. 

out of curiosity did you guys fix the vertical spinners because know they don't take nearly as much damage when moving and spinning as they used to

To be honest, the entire damage system is going to get a complete rewrite once we have nailed down BotLab physics.  At the moment, we are working on getting BotLab robots to fight each other.  Once this is working, the order of priority will be:

1. Make sure BotLab robot vs BotLab robot combat physics looks and feels good, with a minimum of physics "explosions". (physics)

2. Make the damage system feel good. (game design)

3. Make damage look satisfying. (art and sound)

The damage system that currently exists is effectively a placeholder -- I am expecting the final version to look and feel different.

thanks for the reply have you got a alpha test  team yet I use unity myself as I’m learning to make games and enjoy testing pre made games 

We do!

Its actually a closed Beta test team.  The signup form is on  We are shooting for a first Beta release in the early spring.

really love the flippers physics wish you could still throw bots out the arena  and if you have a updated version with the spinners working would be nice to get a test of them and if you put a timer in and point system the only long battles i have are flipper only and ends with no gas  or a wipe out from the arena and is very fast compared to normal 3 min robot fighting games

All in good time! :)

Right now we are reworking BotLab physics to make everything as stable and as fast as possible.  Once BotLab physics is solid, we will go back to tweak everything so that it is possible to make great spinners and flippers.

as a fan of BattleBots I love this game however theres 1 big issue I play on Mac so the normal settings run so slow

I try adjusting the settings but it just resets to default whenever I start a match it would also be nice to have a confirm button for the setting chang

Thanks for the feedback on this.  We haven't put any effort into the settings interface yet -- the one in the Alpha release is just a placeholder.  

I'm actually developing on Mac, so Mac performance is an issue I am sensitive to.  Right now I have a 2016 MacBook Pro as my primary development machine, and am using an early 2014 MacBook Air for testing.

If you don't mind my asking, what kind of Mac are you using?

2017 Macbook pro 8gb ram  intel 650 and intel i5 I found that I can I run it comfortably at low texture at the 2nd highest resolution (1070x700 I think)

Thank you for this.  I hadn't considered that the game would be GPU limited, because it is CPU-limited on both the Air and my MBP.   Fortunately, it is easy to tweak graphics on our end so that they look good but don't consume too many resources.  We should have this worked out by launch.

I've played around A little more and found out that I can run it on high texture settings fine

Excellent!  I was a little worried if it wasn't running well on a MBP.  Thanks for this!


Enjoy the game, however there are a few bugs in it still, but thats to be expected with an Alpha build... anyway here are the bugs i have found so far:

  • When playing as Bubblegum, and fighting TR3, it seems both bots get flung back, to an extent Bubblegum cant get back without killing itself in the Arena stage.
  • Ballerina and Thesus both have issues where whenever they move they slowly but constantly lose health, making them extremely hard to play for little reason.

Will update when I remember, or find more bugs

Thanks for the feedback.  We have both of these on list of stuff to fix, and will get to them when we can.  Lots of physicsing to do over the next few months...

I really love the game so far. I have high hopes for it. I do have a few issues when playing

  • Ballerina overheats quickly while other robots like Theseus barely gives off any heat
  • In robot creation, I can barely seem to get a robot moving. And when I do, it always drives off to one side

A few suggestions I have

  • Try adding more than just a KO win. Having a damage point system and a time limit would make it a lot more exciting for robots that can't seem to hit with their weapons. Adding more bot durability for longer fights would also be fun.
  • Allow the resizing of weapons in the bot lab. The current flywheel is too big and can't be used properly

I'm looking forward to see what this game has to offer in the future.

Thanks for the feedback!

1. Heat is something we haven't even taken a preliminary pass at -- it is pretty much a placeholder in the Alpha release.

2. Robot drivability is huge for us.  We have a lot of work to do to get things to drive reliably.  Most of the issue is caused by uneven friction between the left and right sides of the robot.  Drivability is going to be one of our major areas of focus over the next few months.

3. I like the way you think regarding damage/points/time limits.  We definitely need a few more options here.

4. We need to think about how to do resizing to keep things realistic.  It might make the most sense to have "small", "medium", and "large" options for the premade components, then the ability to create and save your own.  Otherwise people will be able to make things unrealistically big or small things.  Then again, maybe it's okay if they are unrealistically small/big...  Thoughts?

It really all depends on what people use it for. I was going for a recreation of a robot from Battlebots and the disk was too big. I do think the different sizes would work. Making our own shapes would work too once we can easily make circles. But I can't complain much given how far this game has already gone in just the open alpha. Keep up the great work!

hello i'm just wanting to leave a few comments about latest build (6-7-2018). im sure you probably have plenty of these already but here i go...

so carbides weapon is weird, the weapon just seems to always be  spinning regardless of throttle(space bar) and the spinning  animation never seems to change ? and its weapon is op as fuck, after 1 2 hits i can get eruptions gas ram showing and can ko eruption in 6-8 hits(about 30-45 seconds), maybe IRL that's realistic but in a game its really shit. also the dammaged carbide animation is weird, i personally don't like it wear the hub doesn't spin round the center of the hub

eruption, the new version doesn't look right when damaged , and seems to be overly fragile, i tried a fight with the drum spinner and got killed in 2 hits,  also the gas seems to wear out very quickly . hell even after 40 sec into a eruption vs Db fight the flipper arm was already bent asfuck idk how much that actually affects eruption but it looks weird 

original sin- so a new bug i've seen is that when a piece of the front scoop gets knocked off it still is attached to original sin. as in once its knocked off it comes off and lands on the floor 3 foot away BUT that piece follows the machine and is still attached, (as in it no longer stays on the floor where it landed and moves with the machine) "that seemed overly complex to explain in writing "

that new drum spinner is op as fuck... plz nerf a bit

bugs- there was a bug (which was in the last version) when you start the fight(during the 321 activate) the 2 bots fly into air and then don't work forcing you to restart the match, althought this has now gotten worse as now randomly the pause/menu button seems to randomly stop working causing you to restart the game again

annoyances and peeves - so i personaly fine the music during the menu and robot menu annoying its loud repetative, and im only in either of those menu's for like 10 seconds? do i really need music? - the main menu new UI looks cool admittedly good. although i thought the robot building interface from 3-28-18 version clearer and easier to use although that is personal preference

sorry if this whole comment seems overly negative? reading it back it seems like one of Gordon Ramsey's rants, its just this version dosen't seem to work as well as say  3-28-18 version. wish you the best of luck, this can't bee an easy thing to build

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