A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Robot Rumble 2 is a 3D robot combat simulation game currently under development by Nerd Island Studios, LLC.  The game brings all the fun and complexity of designing, building, and battling real combat robots to a variety of arenas.  If you are a fan of robot combat TV shows, then this is the game for you!

  • BotLab: Create custom parts from scratch with our built-in 3D modeling tool, combine those parts with prebuilt components to build a robot, then use sensors and logic to design your robot's AI for battle!
  • Arena Builder: Use our prebuilt arenas, or design your own!
  • Fight:  AI vs AI, AI vs Player, or Player vs Player in local multiplayer matches

In these builds, we are looking for feedback on the following items:

1. BotLab!
2. New Menu UI
3. In-Game Physics


  • BotLab - You can now build a robot!  You can't do anything with the robot yet, but baby steps.
  • Ballerina - This is a drum spinner, and should be in the final game.
  • New UI - We have made a lot of progress in consolidating the UI.  It is now much more complete across the BotLab and in-game Pause menu.
  • Flame Hazard - We are testing this one out in the Test Arena.
  • More Sparks and Gas Particle Effects


  • Physics - More physics tweaks.


NOTES FOR LINUX BUILD: THE LINUX BUILD DOESN'T LOAD  - We haven't been able to get the Linux version to load.   We have included it here for any brave souls who are willing to try it out and provide feedback.  Good luck!

Try it out and let us know what you think:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/robotrumblegame

Gametechmods: https://gametechmods.com/forums/game-development/robot-rumble-2-0-robot-combat-s...

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Robot Rumble 2 Windows Build 6-7-2018.zip 188 MB
Robot Rumble 2 MacOS Build 6-7-2018.zip 192 MB
Robot Rumble 2 64-Bit Linux Build 6-21-2018.zip (Linux Windowed, 64-bit version) 198 MB
Robot Rumble 2 Linux Build 6-14-2018.zip 198 MB


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hello i'm just wanting to leave a few comments about latest build (6-7-2018). im sure you probably have plenty of these already but here i go...

so carbides weapon is weird, the weapon just seems to always be  spinning regardless of throttle(space bar) and the spinning  animation never seems to change ? and its weapon is op as fuck, after 1 2 hits i can get eruptions gas ram showing and can ko eruption in 6-8 hits(about 30-45 seconds), maybe IRL that's realistic but in a game its really shit. also the dammaged carbide animation is weird, i personally don't like it wear the hub doesn't spin round the center of the hub

eruption, the new version doesn't look right when damaged , and seems to be overly fragile, i tried a fight with the drum spinner and got killed in 2 hits,  also the gas seems to wear out very quickly . hell even after 40 sec into a eruption vs Db fight the flipper arm was already bent asfuck idk how much that actually affects eruption but it looks weird 

original sin- so a new bug i've seen is that when a piece of the front scoop gets knocked off it still is attached to original sin. as in once its knocked off it comes off and lands on the floor 3 foot away BUT that piece follows the machine and is still attached, (as in it no longer stays on the floor where it landed and moves with the machine) "that seemed overly complex to explain in writing "

that new drum spinner is op as fuck... plz nerf a bit

bugs- there was a bug (which was in the last version) when you start the fight(during the 321 activate) the 2 bots fly into air and then don't work forcing you to restart the match, althought this has now gotten worse as now randomly the pause/menu button seems to randomly stop working causing you to restart the game again

annoyances and peeves - so i personaly fine the music during the menu and robot menu annoying its loud repetative, and im only in either of those menu's for like 10 seconds? do i really need music? - the main menu new UI looks cool admittedly good. although i thought the robot building interface from 3-28-18 version clearer and easier to use although that is personal preference

sorry if this whole comment seems overly negative? reading it back it seems like one of Gordon Ramsey's rants, its just this version dosen't seem to work as well as say  3-28-18 version. wish you the best of luck, this can't bee an easy thing to build