A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Robot Rumble 2 is a 3D robot combat simulation game currently under development by Nerd Island Studios, LLC.  The game brings all the fun and complexity of designing, building, and battling real combat robots to a variety of arenas.  If you are a fan of robot combat TV shows, then this is the game for you!

  • Build in the BotLab: Create custom parts from scratch with our built-in 3D modeling tool, combine those parts with prebuilt components to build a robot, then use sensors and logic to design your robot's AI for battle!
  • Fight in the Arenas:  AI vs AI, AI vs Player, or Player vs Player in local multiplayer or online multiplayer via gametechmods.com Parsec tournaments

[New for the July 19th build]

  • Our new biggest motor - The Motenergy ME0708.  This thing is a beast, and powers a number of the biggest hitting weapons in today's heavyweight robots.
  •  New pneumatic components - Pneumatic Piston, Flipper Piston System, Rack and Pinion System.  You can now build flipper robots!  Flippers flip.  That's about all we can say about them now.  We haven't done any tweaking on them to make sure they are realistic, but they work.
  • New pulley system components - Belt Transmission, Chain Transmission, Small Belt Transmission.  You can now build high speed spinners or high torque arms!  When you combine the new ME0708 motor with chain drive, you can make an incredibly powerful weapon system.
  • Robot weapon system telemetry - In the robot workshop test cage, you can now see the realtime performance of your spinning weapon.  RPM, tip speed, radius, maximum bite depth, and energy are all there.  Can you build a 1,000,000 Joule spinner?  We thought so.
  • Spinner blur - Spinning things now get blurred when they are above a certain RPM. 


  • Damage System - We are in the process of redoing the damage system from scratch.  In this build we have included a damage system that we are planning to completely replace.  It should work for now for the GameTechMods Parsec tournaments, but we are hoping to replace it with something better over the next few months.  Beetleweight damage doesn't work at all for now.  Sorry!
  • Spinner Impacts - We still have a lot of work to do to make spinner impacts look right, feel good, and damage things properly.
  • Pneumatics - We haven't done a lot of testing with pneumatics yet.  Most likely we will need to tweak things.
  • AI - Currently mostly broken.  For the most part all the AI does is turn on its weapon at the beginning of the match and keep driving at the nearest opponent.  Once the new damage system has been straightened out we will redesign AI around the new approach to damage.
  • Lightweights, featherweights, and beetleweights - These robots are not sized properly.  We are planning to address this in a future release.
  • Beetle Crab and Crabsolutely Clawfull - They don't rest properly on flat surfaces, and driving them is sluggish.  This something we are looking into.

Share your robot designs and .RR2Bot files on GameTechMods:


...and join the conversation on Twitter and GameTechMods:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/robotrumblegame

Gametechmods: https://gametechmods.com/forums/game-development/robot-rumble-2-0-robot-combat-s...


RR2-Windows-19July2019-Alpha-Build.zip 205 MB
RR2-MacOS-19July2019-Alpha-Build.zip 207 MB


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It happens in a middle of a fight f or when i am in the bot editing a robot

when i am trying do a fight of the game it jumping out of the game the back to title of robot rumble 2.0

When is it happening?  At the start of every fight?

it cool

when will the update be ready

Its up!

Will there timers for the battles

Eventually, yes.  Not yet though.  We still have a lot of work to do in the robot workshop before we address the battle design.

Look promising.

I agree,  I keep checking this page for the update. 

Sorry guys.  Laptop is back up.  I'm tweaking physics for the new ME0708 motor.  It is a LOT more powerful than the smaller AmpFlows, and I have had to make some changes to the new spinner physics to accommodate the motor.


Art takes time, I understand. I have waited over 10 years for something like this, I can wait a little longer.

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how will we  know when it will be updated for robot rumble 2.0


My laptop just died, and I'm in the process of building a new one.  A day, maybe two?

will there be Corner Patrol Zone   for the house robot for the game 

I like the suggestion, though we aren’t ready to focus on arena design quite yet.  I will put it onto our Trello board though.

what date will the update be for the robot rumble 2.0

Sometime between Tuesday and Thursday this week.  It depends on how the bug squashing goes today. :)

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I am excited for the next build. Great work on this.

Me too!  I can’t wait to see what you think!

when i played as Bubble gum on robot rumble 2 the weapon did not work 

It should work on the update completely out in the next few days.

I have found a bug. when a spinner like bublegum is destroyed  the spinner stays active?  but when a bot is destroyt the spinnen needs to stop in my opinion?

Agreed.  This will eventually get ironed out, but we are looking at completely scrapping the damage system and replacing it with something better, so fixing bugs like this is going to wait for a bit.

hey when will be the next update and what can we expect?

Definitely by the end of this week.  Lots of spinner and flipper updates in this version.  Stay tuned!

will there time for robot battle time for the game 

Eventually, yes.  We are looking to finish the botlab first.  Big update coming in the next few days!

will there more Axe robot in the game will you add any more robot in the game 

when will next update for robot rumble 2

I was really hoping to get something out by the end of the week.  I’m having trouble with beetle weight driving though.  We’ll see how it goes over the next few days.


i just had a question.

im a huge battlebots fan. i dont know if i may say this but in robot arena 2 there are mods for robot wars and battlebots to use. people make the mods and we can play them.  will this be possible in rr2.0? that we get look a like biteforce nightmare icewave and all the robots?

from now it looks like a game with an awesome potential :)

Great question!

The robot workshop is already pretty far along, and people have started making and sharing their .RR2Bot files.  Check out these awesome Nightmare and Bite Force replicas by GameTechMods user Arcane:


By the time the game is ready for full release, it should be possible to replicate any robot at any weight class.  Once a robot is replicated, it is pretty easy to share it around as an .RR2Bot file.  Right now we have partial support for Beetleweight and Heavyweights, and should be adding more and more components as time goes on.

We started down the path of an arena creation tool, but we had to stop work on it because of time.  We don't have permission to use BattleBots or Robot Wars IP in the game, though who knows what the future might bring?

Thats really Nice.  Do hou have a release date already  of a month. Ik cant really wait

No release date yet.  We still have a few important things to work out before closed beta.

Next free public alpha is imminent!

Will there be hinges in the future?


You can actually do hinges now by using an uncontrolled motor.  This isn't ideal though, as the motor body tends to be too big.  We should have just plain hinges modeled at some point.

Will it allow you to make a hinged flipper, so that it can be connected to both the chassis and the pneumatics?


That’s the idea.  We are looking to get pneumatic systems in game.

I spoke too soon.  Our developers just pushed out the very beginnings of a pneumatics system in our private builds.  Hopefully we will have something for you guys to test in the next public release!

will there be saw blade and chain saw in robot rumble 2

I can put it on the list!

Saws are generally not very effective in real life robot combat, but they do make good sparks!

Manta's flipper glitches sometimes which can send it into oblivion 

Agreed.  I spent about 4 hours last Tuesday working on Manta's flipper.  It actually uses a piston to push the flipper up.  This is really rough on the game physics engine.  In Manta's case the piston is really close to the hinge, which makes the piston prone to penetrating so far that the physics engine breaks.

I suspect we have pushed this approach past its limits, and we are going to need to take a different approach for flippers in the future.  This is the biggest reason that we haven't included pneumatics in the Robot Workshop.  We need to make sure the system is stable enough to handle any geometry.

I'm having issues with the latest version of this game (Bugglebots update) Most notably of which is with all the robots with flippers (Manta, Earthquake, TR3) being that their flippers don't actually fire but it still registers their gas going down. This is the case both when I'm controlling them and when the AI is.

Sorry about that!  We should have a build out in the next hour that fixes this and a whole lot more.

when i did a battle with manta and Tr2 against my robot i just made called both robot called Disc  flippers did not flip on Tr2 and manta 

i've been looking at this message for 5 minuets now and i still don't know what this means

Flippers (Manta, TR3, and Earthquake) are broken.  New build coming soon! :)

when the update come out on 25th of may will  are own robots what still be saved on the game 

Are you asking whether your saved robots will still work in the new version?  If so, then yes.  We haven't made any changes to the .RR2Bot format in this iteration that will invalidate your designs.

However, I did notice something when I started tweaking the weights of components.  It seems that if I go back after the fact and change the weight of a component, it appears that the robot reconstruction script gets confused and will no longer load the robot.

Considering that all component values will need to be tweaked, this means that it is highly likely that any robots you create now will not work in the released version of the game.

I have noticed a problem on my Mac with the newest builds.  For some reason my existing robots weren't showing up.  I had to save my .RR2Bot files to a separate folder and delete the existing folder, and then run the game to recreate the folder.  Once the folder was recreated, I moved the robots back to it and they loaded without further problems.

I would like to recommend adding a circular grid for custom component and chassis building. I tried making a Chronos type of robot, but I couldn't make a cylindrical chassis, and it just looked weird as an octagon. Also, being able to make custom saws without having to add 30-something teeth separately would be nice. 

Hope the next update goes well!

-CodeSilver Gaming     (Channel Here)


Thanks for the feedback!  We just had a team call this morning about this exact feature.  I'm not sure when we are going to get to it, but it is definitely on the list.

will you be adding more weapon and more robot and more arenas for the game


More components - YES!

More robots - PROBABLY!

More arenas - MOST LIKELY!

We have Bugglebots coming up on May 25th.  We need a Bugglebots arena, don't you think? :)

Yay! When is the next build?


We are planning a pre-BuggleBots release.  Bugglebots is on May 25th in Bristol, UK.  Be there or be square!

when is the game coming out on steam 

I didn't know it was?

We're not sure yet.  We're hoping for an official release by the end of this year, but we're still in Alpha.  We will probably shift over to Steam for the closed beta.  Make sure to sign up for the closed beta to be a part of the testing team!

Signup link below:


Hi i have a made a robot on the game i am having trouble controls on the robot keeps flipping on his back 

That might be a weight issue or a balance issue.  We only have a few motors in the game, and they all are pretty powerful.  

Maybe try changing the chassis material to increase the mass of the robot to 100 kg or so?

Also, maybe try moving the wheels toward the center of mass of the robot?

how do I save in the bot lab?

when youre done building just exit to workshop or menu :3 it autosaves it. only way to technically 'delete' a bot is to hit "scrap robot" in the workshop menu.

One feature I just thought up that im unsure how you would create:
Using a UV texture unwrapping export tool to export the texturemap to a PNG, and having an import feature for said PNG for custom texture paints on bots, as the current tools tbh ive no idea how to use correctly ^^`

Totally!  I had this in mind as I was creating the "Painter" tool in the workshop.  I stopped work on the tool once it was (barely) functional, but this is something I would like to get back to.

Some people have been completely sidestepping the painting issue by designing with colored custom shapes.  Check out Arcane's incredible work on GameTechMods:


gawd yes :D Arcane is AMAZING! his Bite Force is legit SPOT ON! also, not sure if youd ever want assistance in making anything like extra wheels, motors etc etc :3

Thank you for the offer!  I don’t think we are quite ready for community components at the moment.  We are planning to release a “component modding tool” along with the game that will allow users to create anything they want for the game using  the 3D modeling workflow of their choice.  It should free people up to make all sorts of crazy cool designs.

OH! that would definitely make the community super active i bet with 3D design and the like to make their custom components to create their own crusher bots, axes and a lot of the like :O you n the team are probably the most innovative game makers ive come to know :D im hyped for the next update and the beta testing~ <3 ^^ big support here~

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Hey Chris! I found a few problems with the new update that you might already know about, but just in case you don't, here are some:

1) When I play in the main Test Arena, the game crashes fairly often. It's kind of frustrating, considering it's the best arena.

2) I know you are already aware of Manta and TR3's inability to flip, but one other thing I found is that their pneumatics go off automatically when another bot is  on top of/rams into it.

3) Crabsolutely Clawfull's AI won't use it's claws at all.

4) This is more of a question. Is the weight measured in Kilos or Pounds? Also, what is the weight of the premade robots?

I hope that all of this helps you in some way. I wish you luck, and have a great day!

- CodeSilver Gaming

Channel: (link here) 

i too have noticed these same glitches actually. alongside if you use a shape around the chassis for example making a fullbody horizontal or drum spinner[like Axe Backwards from Battlebots] then the bots takes NO damage from sources. only the chassis piece is where the damage is dealt. another 2 common glitches in-game lately are when a horizontal spinner hits a vertical spinner thats pinned in a corner or such, both bots get sent FLYING spazzing and die instantly, while another glitch is that some bots when pinned on a wall just randomly despawn.
A feature i hope to see in the future [unsure how hard itd be to code D:] is that when hit in certain places with DoT, parts and bits would get beaten off, such as busting a wedge off a bot.

(3 edits) (+1)

You probably already know this but Manta's flipper won't work or Self right it acts more like a wedge and TR3 will flip (sometimes) but won't even self right. even when the immobilization countdown is happening. (Current 2.01V build)
Some Robots in AI position 1 don't even bother to move also.
Also I built 2 robots will I be able to use them in the next build (when the flippers are properly fixed) or would I have to rebuild them all over again?

It is quite a good game. Has potential. The workshop and building robots needs to be improved as robots built in the workshop seem to bee very floaty and there isn't any kind of weight behind them. But as this is still in alpha these minor things could be changed in the future.

Agreed.  We still have a lot of work to do to get the botlab fully functional before we work on feel and balance.  That will all happen during the closed beta.  Be sure to sign up if your are interested!

I am DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing hydraulics and pneumatics debut to make strong flipper bots, alongside maybe even crushers or grabber/lifters. already loving the ability to make custom parts. Have constructed an axe bot already to be honest :3

Me too, and I love that you are making parts already!

We are working on controls assignment in the botlab now.  It is a necessary step to get pneumatics working.  I’m not sure if they are coming in an Alpha release, so be sure to sign up as a beta tester if you are interested!

heheh ^^ i already signed up even before downloading the last update of it~ OH! one thing to mention. ive noticed a couple bugs im not sure if anyone else has noticed. yesterday while playing, the cursor went off by about a centimetre on screen for some reason. another note i should let you guys know is that unless the chassis piece is visible outside most shapes, it wont take ANY damage in a match. i made Axe Backwards from the Battlebots TV show, and unless it gets whacked by the drum thing in the warehouse it wont get hurt at all. A lil something im interested in seeing come to the game is destructible parts. Such as if a wheel gets a few good jabs from a bar spinner itll come off or tear apart. yknow, to disable a bot :D maybe even chip bits off armor to give a nice open place to wreck a bot to bits.

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Hello again, Chris! Just wanted to let you know that I'm planning on starting up my own Youtube Channel, and I'm planning on having RR2 gameplay for my first video. I don't know all of the rules regarding copyright laws and if I need permission to post the video, so I'm playing it safe and asking you now.

Hope all goes well with the next update!

-CodeSilver Gaming

That's great news!  You definitely have our permission, and we would be honored to have you showcase our game for your first video.  As soon as I have time tonight I will upload the latest build to itch.io.  Tonight's release will be another Alpha, but it shows off a few more pieces of gameplay.  Specifically:

  • 4-robot battles are working.  All 4 can be AI robots, or you can use the keyboard for up to 2 of the robots.   I haven't tested the game with a game controller in over a year.  It might still work, but no guarantees.
  • You can now build robots and fight with them in the 4 arenas against remade robots.
  • You can now share robots with other people via .RR2bot files.  The good folks over at www.gametechmods.com already have a thread set up for RR2 robot sharing:

"Post Your RR2 Bots" thread on www.gametechmods.com

I tried mightily to get the miniscript AI code editor working in today's build, but alas, it is not quite ready.  The "AI Editor" and "Save AI" buttons exist in the test cage, but I have disabled the ability to open the miniscript AI editor until we have integrated it with the AI system.


I just recently posted my very first Youtube video. Sadly, it was before the new Alpha Build, but I think it still shows all the main aspects of the game. Down below is the link to the video, and if you have any advice for me, I'm all ears!


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Just downloaded and played this game, and I am very excited to see the finished product when it comes out. I do have some questions and suggestions about the game though:

1) I absolutely love the BotLab. It is very easy to use and create almost exactly what you want. The one minor issue I found was when I was trying to make a low-lying robot. I made the wheels positioned so that the chassis was the lowest it could get without touching the ground, but when I tested it, the robot made almost no movement whatsoever. I ended up just making it have a higher ground clearance, which is okay for me, but in the future there could be some people that might get upset by this, because a higher ground clearance would equal being more liable to flippers.

2) I understand that this is only the Alpha Build, but I still find it a little upsetting that I wasn't able to test our robots in actual matches, and instead have to test it against a demolition bot and some boxes. I feel that if it were added to the Alpha Build, then there will be more people to notice and report some glitches, therefore allowing you guys to be able to fix them quicker, or at least reduce the frequency of them occurring again.

3) Since we are now in 2019, do you guys have a better estimate of the beta release?

4) When the game is completed and officially released, will it cost money? If not, that will be amazing, but if so, I can't be angry with you guys, considering how great this game will be.

5) I would absolutely love to be a beta tester, but I would like to have more information as to what the requirements are and what I would be doing, before I signup. 

6) One last thing. I noticed that the camera angles seem really wonky, and I would recommend adding a birds-eye view and an over-the-shoulder camera. I've looked through some of the comments and noticed you talking about some issues with the over-the-shoulder camera, but I would like to point out that even games like GTA 5 and Fortnite tend to have minor issues with it not always following perfectly, so there is no shame in not being able to perfect it.

Again, this game looks great. I wish you good luck with the game, and I hope to hear from you guys soon!

Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you are excited.  I am too! :)

1. In the Robot Workshop you can expand out the x/y/z position menu on the right side of the screen.  This will allow you to position objects to the nearest millimeter by typing numbers directly.  I put this onto our Trello board as something that we can hopefully make a little more clear to users.

2. We should have a second Alpha build out by the end of the month that allows you to do matches with any combination of 4 robots, including robots you have built in the Workshop, as well as ones that we have pre-made.

3. Last year I took a guess at a March, 2019 closed Beta release on Steam.  We are nowhere near feature-complete at this point, so instead we will be releasing a public Alpha build here on itch.io.  We should have a bunch of new features to sink your teeth into on this Alpha.  I'm frantically trying to get user-scripted AI up and running.  It is coming along well, and I'm hoping to put it into the next release.

4. Yes - this is a commercial project, but no word on price yet.

5. We would love to have you as a Beta tester!  The signup form is on www.robot-rumble.com.

6. I will put the follower camera back on the Trello board.  No promises, but I do still like the idea.  Implementation is tricky though.

(1 edit)

This is all great news. I can't wait until the end of the month. Makes sense to not make it closed beta yet, considering that the robots don't even have visual damage, except for the parts that fall off.  I also have a few more questions/suggestions, I'd you don't mind:

1) Do you have a list of all the new things for the next alpha build that you could post or have already posted?

2) I have a few ideas for game play customization, like being able to change the control buttons, or have the game be compatible with gaming controllers. Also, If you make a game play setting, you could maybe add sliders to adjust the time limit, bot speed, overall bot strength, bot size, gravity, arena size, and A.I. difficulty, among other possibilities.

Thank you for making the robot fighting community proud with this game. You deserve a round of applause. Also, I'm sorry if I seem pushy at times, I am just excited about the game development. Hope to hear from you soon!


1. Most likely the tournament system won't be ready, even in a rudimentary form.  We literally just started it a few days ago, and right now all it does is randomly generate matches between two robots.  It has a LONG way to go before we are ready to show it.  I'm hoping we can get the tournament system to a presentable state for whatever release happens after the this next one, but out of all of the key pieces of the game, the tournament system is the longest ways off.

2. I like the ideas for gameplay settings.  One of the ideas that got the axe due to time concerns, at least for now, was a user-made arena builder.  Your idea is a significantly scaled back version of this, where the existing arenas are at least somewhat tweakable.  I'm putting these ideas on our feature request list.

> Thank you for making a robot fighting game that is actually a good game. Sorry if I seem pushy at times, I am just excited about the game development. Hope to hear from you soon!

I don't know about "good".  I'm shooting for a just plain "game" at this point. :)  

Hopefully the "good" part will come after lots and lots of player feedback and refinement.  It helps to have an encouraging community though.  I'm hoping that the community will really sink its teeth into AI and component modding once the tools are available for these.  Get the word out -- the more people that know about this project, the richer the game will be!

1. That makes sense. Kind of sad it will take a while to get it computer generated, but it's always easy to just make your own on pencil & paper, so it'll be okay.

2. I saw the arena builder/editor on an older Youtube video, and it definitely didn't look user-friendly. 

Already, and especially with the new alpha build coming out soon, this is already one of the best robot combat games out there. The only other one that could be considered an equal is RA2, but you have better graphics, and graphics are everything nowadays. Also, I have been trying to spread the word, and so far I've gotten a couple of people to be interested. Keep up the good work!


How long does it take to receive a conformation email for the beta testing? I signed up 2 days ago, and haven't gotten anything back yet. Just hoping it didn't disappear. Also, is there a name that I can use for you, other than just "you"?

Love the alpha build but a few things I want for the final build. Horizontal spinner to be included and try to get licensing of the bots. I know its hard but I think they (the teams might really like the idea), Another thing  I really want is the replay and slow motion feature. This feature will be awesome for the game and much anticipated I think. Also personal suggestion and totally optional, add a camera angle facing right behind the bot like every car racing game out there. I think it would be easier that way to control the bot. 😁 


Thanks for the feedback!

Horizontal spinner is definitely on the list of things to do.  We originally had one, but had to remove it due to licensing concerns.  

Licensing is complicated.  All of the roboteers we have spoken to would love to have their robots in the game, but in many cases the display rights are held by third parties who tend to be very guarded about granting the rights to other parties.  Licensing is something we are looking into, but we can't make any promises without signed agreements.

We have played around a fair amount with cameras, and your point is well taken.  I initially pulled the over-the-shoulder and first-person cameras because the robots jumped around so much when they got hit.  It was a lot like sticking a camera on a real robot.  I got sick watching it.  The over-the-shoulder camera had similar issues, plus all of the technical challenges of making sure the line of sight between the camera and the robot wasn't obscured, as well as the fact that the robots respond extremely quickly, resulting in the camera swinging wildly around the arena.  In the end, I found that it was much easier to control the robots with traditional cameras mounted to world space, rather than cameras that were operating in the reference frame of the robot.

No problem,  I am a fan of both Battlebots and Robot wars and would grab any chance to get into any one and even try and participate 😜. I even have a design in mind too. Oh yeah, should have thought about the demerits of having the camera right behind the bot especially when you choose and  play  as the second bot DB-MK2.  It goes crazy in the arena😂. But do add more camera angles I think it would be useful. BTW I am computer science engineer here in India and I am still choosing fields to pursue within computer science.  I am for now planning to go on for Machine Learning and app development for android phones. I would gladly learn game designing so you have any suggestions for how to start game designing? Any suggestions are gladly accepted.


i think your comment cut out...


This game seems fun however I have hit a snag, the options menu extends beyond the reach of my monitor, so I can't find an "apply changes" button, which means playing the game becomes quite difficult as I can't change the graphics settings. 

My suggestion would be to either have the menu able to be dragged around, or move the apply button to the left side.

Thanks for the suggestions!  UI is a work in progress, particularly as we add buttons in the workshop.

I just put this on our internal Trello board to fix.


I really like this game so far!

A suggestion i would make is to have a bot workshop tutorial to guide and walk you through on how to make a proper working bot because i had no idea what i was doing when trying to build one.

Absolutely!  We still have a lot of functionality that needs to be built into the robot workshop.  Once things are in place, we will start working through how to get new players into building robots.

If you don’t mind my asking, where did you first get stuck?

After i cut out the robot shape, when i went to place wheels i noticed that i couldn't rotate the camera to tell where i was placing them. I had no clue about what the different moters and stuff did either.

Sorry about not being able to rotate the camera!  This is super important when you are building.  To rotate the camera, you have to hold down the middle mouse button and drag the mouse.  This means you are out of luck if you are using a touch screen, trackpad, or 2-button mouse.  As a macbook user, this is definitely on my list of things to address before release.

Right now, motors are not modeled in a realistic way.  We have just taken guesses at things like torque and speed to get something that looks and feels close enough for now.

Over the coming months, we will be adding components and figuring out how specifications affect gameplay.  I am hoping to include real-world DC motor specs like rated voltage, no-load speed at rated voltage, stall torque at rated voltage, and max voltage.  Battery ratings would be things like rated voltage, max current, and amp-hour capacity.  Of course, all of this is subject to change if it turns out to be too confusing for players.

 Once we get the mechanics of this working in actual gameplay, then we will put together documentation for everything.

Apologies for the long-winded response, but hopefully it provides some insight into where we are and where we would like to go.

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