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Robot Rumble 2.0 is a 3D robot combat simulation game currently under development by Nerd Island Studios, LLC.  The game brings all the fun and complexity of designing, building, and battling real combat robots to a variety of arenas.  If you are a fan of robot combat TV shows, then this is the game for you!

  • BotLab: Create custom parts from scratch with our built-in 3D modeling tool, combine those parts with prebuilt components to build a robot, then use sensors and logic to design your robot's AI for battle!
  • Arena Builder: Use our prebuilt arenas, or design your own!
  • Fight:  AI vs AI, AI vs Player, or Player vs Player in local multiplayer matches

In these builds, we are looking for feedback on the following items:

1. BotLab Help Menu
2. New Menu UI
3. In-Game Physics


  • New UI - We are in the early stages of a complete UI overhaul.  So far we have touched the “Battle” menu and the in-game "Pause" menu.  Nothing is final yet, as this is the first iteration and we are having a lot of internal discussions about what needs to go where.
  • BotLab Help Menu - We now have a working help menu.  If you are stuck and can’t figure out what to do next, please give the help menu a try!
  • New Sumo Basho Arena - The old arena suffered from some bizarre physics bugs and z-fighting.  The new one is a lot cleaner.
  • D.B. Mk II - This robot is a thwackbot with a chain flail.  We are having trouble with the chain physics.  If we can’t figure out how to make the chain simulation more stable, it is highly likely that it will be removed from the game.  We included it here because it is fun and funky and would be a shame if it didn’t see the light of day at least as a prototype!
  • Arena Spinner (currently in the Warehouse arena) - The arena spinner is deadly!  One hard hit will send a robot flying out of the Warehouse.
  • Individual Immobility Timers - Timers now hover over individual robots.
  • Sparks! - Carbide and the arena spinner both emit sparks on impact.


  • Physics - We have done extensive tweaking of physics in order to increase the turning and spinning speed of robots.  Angular velocity of robots is no longer capped at 7 radians/second (a little over 1 revolution per second).  This has caused some instability issues that we will need to iron out through testing.
  • Deferred Rendering Pipeline (Graphics) - We switched all game cameras from Forward Rendering to Deferred Rendering.  This should allow for more lights in the scene, but comes at the cost of lack of compatibility with older devices.  Since we are targeting desktop, this should not be an issue.  The change has also allowed for much more consistent HDR lighting across scenes.
  • Bloom (Graphics) - Toned down the bloom effect in the postprocessing stack.  If it is still too “bloomy”, please let us know!
  • Motion Blur (Graphics) - Removed motion blur entirely.  We included motion blur in an attempt to provide an indication of how fast Carbide’s blade is actually spinning, as it is currently subject to the “wagon wheel effect”.  Unfortunately, motion blur made everything else look grainy and terrible, and it induces nausea for some players, so it was removed.
  • Lighting - After switching to deferred rendering, it was necessary to recalibrate lighting for every scene.


  • Old Sumo Basho Arena - The old Sumo Basho arena has been removed.
  • Over-The-Shoulder Camera - “Over the shoulder” cameras have been entirely removed.  Because robots move so quickly, it was nauseating trying to drive a robot with the over-the-should camera.

New for this build:




NOTES FOR LINUX BUILD - We still don't have a Linux machine to test on, so if you are willing to try it out, please drop us a line to let us know if it works!

Try it out and let us know what you think:

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Robot Rumble 2 Windows Build 3-28-2018 131 MB
Robot Rumble 2 Mac OS Build 2-23-2018 134 MB

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