A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Robot Rumble 2 is a 3D robot combat simulation game currently under development by Nerd Island Studios, LLC.  The game brings all the fun and complexity of designing, building, and battling real combat robots to a variety of arenas.  If you are a fan of robot combat TV shows, then this is the game for you!

  • Build in the BotLab: Create custom parts from scratch with our built-in 3D modeling tool, combine those parts with prebuilt components to build a robot, then use sensors and logic to design your robot's AI for battle!
  • Fight in the Arenas:  AI vs AI, AI vs Player, or Player vs Player in local multiplayer or online multiplayer via gametechmods.com Parsec tournaments

[New for the July 19th build]

  • Our new biggest motor - The Motenergy ME0708.  This thing is a beast, and powers a number of the biggest hitting weapons in today's heavyweight robots.
  •  New pneumatic components - Pneumatic Piston, Flipper Piston System, Rack and Pinion System.  You can now build flipper robots!  Flippers flip.  That's about all we can say about them now.  We haven't done any tweaking on them to make sure they are realistic, but they work.
  • New pulley system components - Belt Transmission, Chain Transmission, Small Belt Transmission.  You can now build high speed spinners or high torque arms!  When you combine the new ME0708 motor with chain drive, you can make an incredibly powerful weapon system.
  • Robot weapon system telemetry - In the robot workshop test cage, you can now see the realtime performance of your spinning weapon.  RPM, tip speed, radius, maximum bite depth, and energy are all there.
  • Spinner blur - Spinning things now get blurred when they are above a certain RPM. 

[Updates in the July 23rd build]

  • Flippers and axes can not be broken off.   This is a temporary fix to allow for online tournaments until we can get a comprehensive damage system in place.
  • The air drag model has been tweaked for heavyweight bar spinners.  It is now much more difficult to make spinners that run unrealistically fast.

[Updates in the August 2nd build]

  • Spinners now correctly apply action impulses on the target and reaction impulses on the spinner.  This fixes a bug where spinners didn't have any "pop" when they hit something.
  • Spinners now do damage based on their kinetic energy if they get a good "bite" on the opponent.
  • If you hit the wall or floor with your spinner, your spinner will take damage based on its kinetic energy.  Like that high powered spinner you made?  Great!  Just don't hit the wall with it!
  • Spinner blur is now transparent instead of opaque.

[Updates in the August 6th build]

  • Bug Fix - Friction coefficient for all materials other than rubber has been reduced.  2WD robots should now drive correctly.  An undesirable side effect is that robots skid a little too far when flipped over.
  • Bug Fix - Weight now displays correctly in the robot workshop and in the robot selection screens.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed the motors changing scale when the battle starts.
  • Added - Added a "Rubber" material in the materials selection screen.
  • Visual Improvement - When a high speed spinner's blur cylinder is activated, it no longer turns off the original spinner's mesh.  This means that the spinner is always visible, but subject to the wagon wheel effect.

[Updates in the September 17th build]

  • [Added] Added gearboxes.  They take up a fair amount of space right now, but they should work.
  • [Added] Added Date/Timestamp on main menu.  This should make isolating problems by build easier.
  • [Added] Added a free rotating hinge and a 90 degree hinge to "Extras" tab in bot lab.
  • [Added] Reworked the component placement restrictions: 1. Invalid placements are shown in red. 2. You can't attach components to electronics or batteries, unless you are placing electronics or batteries. 3. You can't attach components to motors/pistons/actuator bodies, only to the axle/rod/etc.
  • [Removed] Began commenting out damage code in preparation for new damage system.
  • [Removed] Eliminated the mass reduction used to stabilize high speed spinners.  The result is that high mass/high speed spinners are significantly more likely to go crazy, launching your robot around the arena.  Gyroscopic effects are now significant, and so are the effects due to the discrete nature of the physics engine (a.k.a. physics "explosions").  It doesn't nerf the damage in any way.  It just makes spinners harder to control.
  • [Bug Fix] Set all arena floors to Steel.  This should make driving and steering all robots significantly easier.
  • [Bug Fix] Eliminated Depth of Field postprocessing effect.  This was causing excessive blur in the robot workshop when working on beetleweight robots.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed out of the arena not being called for all robots.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Bugglebots Arena pit glitches.
  • [Bug Fix] Reduced AI memory garbage creation.
  • [Tweaked] Removed cyan tints for steel and aluminum.
    [Tweaked] Adjusted friction coefficients to the following:

Aluminum: 0.4
Polycarbonate: 0.2
Rubber: 0.9
Steel: 0.3
UHMW: 0.05
MDF: 0.3

[Updates in the December 19th Build]

[Added] Botlab "Mirror" function - Components and assemblies can now be mirrored:

  • If the option on the left of the screen is toggled on, players can place the component picked and the mirrored version of that component.
  • Changes done to one of the components will be transfered to the other and vice versa (the only place when that doesn't happen yet is the "Painter" screen). 
  • The components that have a mirrored counterpart will have a "Mirror_Pair" script for the mirror information. For left/right side drive motors, by default the mirror version will be set as the opposite side, but an option has been added to keep both sides the same. 
  • Removing a component with a mirrored version present, will leave the mirrored version and remove it's mirror_pair script.
  • Added a small description for the mirror options in the help for the screens where you place components.

[Added] Belts/Chain/Pulley transmission components can now be stacked.
[Added] Breakage - Entire component chains can now be broken off.  I.e. If a shape with an attached motor breaks, the shape, motor, and everything attached to that motor all break off together.
[Added] Added a "Damage Multiplier" slider in the Test Arena settings menu.  Please note that this slider only works in the test arena.  Work still needs to be done to get the settings working correctly throughout the entire game.

[Change] You can now make your own rubber wheels!  When a shape's material is set to "Rubber", a Weapon_Blur_Cylinder is not attached to it.  The weapon blur cylinder was previously attached to all spinning shapes.  It was designed to handle the collisions of a high speed spinning weapon, but made wheels drive horribly.  In the new build, if you select "rubber" for the material, the game assumes you are making a wheel and won't attach the blur cylinder, allowing you to create wheels that drive normally.

[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem for all spinners which caused a robots spinner to collide with the rest of the robot, causing the robot to fly around wildly.  This made spinners unplayable for the most part.
[Bug Fix] Bubblegum now sits flat and drives correctly.  This was due to a similar issue as the bug fix listed above.

[Updates in the December 20th Build]

[Bug Fix] Flames no longer do damage directly. Instead they add heat by calling the takeHeat() method. Eventually this will result in damage. 

[Bug Fix] Self collisions are no longer possible for a robot. Self collisions were causing robots to randomly launch themselves around.  Each robot is now on its own separate collision layer.

[Bug Fix] The speed limiter for broken parts is now disabled after 0.5 seconds. 

[Changed] The Damage Multiplier slider in settings now allows for continuous adjustment from 0% to 200%. [EDIT]

[Changed] Any time takeDamage() is called, 

// Subtract 50% of the max health of the component from the damage. 
// This should prevent any damage that is ridiculously small from accumulating. 
// If the result is less than zero, set the damage to 0.0f.

[Updates in the December 24th Build]

[Changed] When a motor breaks off, the whole assembly comes as a single rigid object.  This eliminates some weird behavior where the motor is inside the chassis connected via a hinge joint to everything else outside the chassis.  The whole mess would just bounce around bizarrely.

[Changed] When a component is broken off, it is given a random velocity.  This should help eliminate the weird floating that is occurring for broken components.

[Bug Fix] Broken off objects no longer spin when you press a control button.

[Bug Fix] Eliminated the second copy of the chassis armor plates that weren't being scaled correctly when chassis was scaled.

[Bug Fix] Fixed problem with the heading slider always snapping back to zero when you came back to the Robot Workshop.

[Bug Fix] Added Steel physics material to flywheel to prevent it from sliding all over the place when it breaks off.

[Bug Fix] If a motor has limits, the blur cylinder is no longer added.

NOTE - The above is making physics run faster for lots of robots.

[Updates in the December 26th Build]

[Changed] Any components with very few hit points are now ignored for collision purposes.  This is significantly decreasing the amount of time spent in physics collision calculations.  It also enabled things to break off in large groups.

[Updates in the December 28th Build]

[Added] Added new armor material called "Decoration".  This material has almost zero density and effectively zero strength.

[Changed] Reduced the hit point threshold for disabling colliders to 0.001 HP.

With the two changes above, it is now possible to "paint" a robot using shapes.  If a shape is assigned the "decoration" material its physics collider will be ignored and it will break off with its parent component.

[Updates in the December 29th Build]

NOTE - There is an orientation bug in the calculation related to the fact that the "y" axis doesn't always point up, depending on how the part was originally placed onto the robot.  This needs to be fixed in the script!!!

[Temporary Fix] DESTROYED ALL BLUR CYLINDERS.  These will be reenabled when the blur cylinder shape calculation bug is fixed.

[Changed] When the first part on a rigidbody goes to <0 HP, the previous component is broken off.  Everything now breaks off together.

[Bug Fix] Weapon Blur Cylinders shapes are recalculated when a piece of a spinning part breaks off.  

[Updates in the January 1st Build]

[Restored] Blur Cylinders have been reenabled.

[Changed] When the first part on a rigidbody goes to <0 HP, the previous component is broken off. Everything now breaks off together. 

[Bug Fix] Blur Cylinder shape creation now works correctly, even after a robot takes a hit.  The problem was that when the blur cylinder was recalculated after a part falls off, the shape creator was not ignoring invisible meshes.

[Bug Fix] Weapon Blur Cylinders shapes are recalculated when a piece of a spinning part breaks off.

[Updates in the January 3rd Build]

[Added] Added on/off buttons to toggle the center workbench in the pause menu, in case it obstructs the view under the robot.

[Changed] Disabled visual representation of Blur Cylinders. I would like to have some sort of indication of blur, but the existing blur cylinders look bad for many robots.

[Changed] The game now asks if the player wants to delete the mirror version of the selected component as well (only if it actually has a mirror version and if it doesn't have other components attached to it). This way people don't have to remove both components one by one. 

[Changed] Center of mass of a spinner is now recalculated as the spinner loses pieces.  Spinners balance should now change as spinners lose bits.

[Bug Fix] Rotating bases for robots now use deltaTime to keep them going at the same speed no matter the fps. 

[Bug Fix] Spinners no longer come to a complete stop when they hit something.  On a spinner hit, the angular velocity of the spinner is reduced based on the amount of damage dealt to either the spinner or to the target. Damage dealt = kinetic energy lost.

[Bug Fix] When a component breaks off, it no longer takes its motor or pulley with it.

[Bug Fix] If all of the components are broken off of a spinning assembly, the mass of the spinning assembly is set to 0.01 kg, instead of just breaking off the entire assembly. This prevents the assembly from having substantial rotating mass and severely impacting drivability.

[Updates in the January 7th Build]

[Bug Fix] Added "Makeup Mass" to compensate for mass reduction in spinners.  Robots now maintain their weight and inertia even when their spinners are spinning.

[Tweaked] Significantly reduced spinning mass to improve simulation stability for big heavy spinners that around spinning really quickly.

[Restored] Reduced spinner collision "kickback" to 50% of the value it had in the late-December builds.

[Added] Added sparks for spinner hits against steel.

[Updates in the January 8th Build]

[Bug Fix] Disabled the extra gravitational torque added to spinners. This was originally added to compensate for the weight reduction that happened as spinners gained speed. Now that Makeup Mass is a thing, it is doubling the effective weight of the spinner and shifting the center of gravity so that wheel grip is adversely affected.

[Tweaked] Reduced duration of sparks to a single hit. 

[Changed] Sparks are only emitted on glancing blows. 

[Changed] Restored spinner collision impulse response to its previous value, 100% conversion of angular momentum into linear momentum. The only exception to this is when a part breaks off, in which case the linear impulse is dependent on how much energy is lost.

[Added] Clamped spinner mass reduction factor: massReductionFactor = Mathf.Clamp(RPMsPerMassReduction / currentRPM, minimumMassReduction, 1.0f); 

[Added] Set default minimum mass reduction to 10%.

[Added] Sliders and settings support for "Spinner Pushout", "Spinner Impulse", and "Minimum Spinner Mass". This should allow playtesters to tweak the settings for driving and impact feel.  These sliders will probably be removed once we are comfortable with some default settings.

[Updates in the January 12th Build]

[Changed] Changed the arena floor material to "Steel".   This increases the traction of most robots.

[Added] Added sliders for physics tick rate. This can be used to tweak physics smoothness versus game frame rate.  High end machines can support smooth play at 500 physics ticks per second.  Low end machines might need to reduce this to 100 physics ticks per second.

[Added] Added a Physics Mass Wheel Ratio Slider.  Default Wheel Mass Ratio is now set at 10%.  This is going to be using for testing driving behavior on a wide variety of robots.

[Bug Fix] Fixed bug where spinner mass was still very large when all parts were broken off an axle. This was causing gyro dancing and uncontrolled behavior for many robots.  Now the mass is reduced to a very small amount.  

[Bug Fix] Raised height of Arena Auger so it didn't continuously bash itself into the floor, causing a continuous loud "bang" "bang" "bang" sound.

[Updates in the January 17th Build]

[Added] Added Hotkeys and Hotkeys selection screen in the Robot Workshop.

[Bug Fix] Fixed the incorrect calculation of the location of the center of mass for components that are scaled in the workshop. 

[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that would allow you to delete both mirrored components if one of the two was selected, but wouldn't allow it if the other was selected instead.

[Bug Fix] Once robots are Out Of The Arena (pitted or otherwise), the robot is marked as disabled and the control signals are automatically set to zero. This should prevent the crazy situation where spinning weapons still spun in the pit, turning the arena pit into a blender that kept throwing pieces everywhere.

[Bug Fix] Fixed bar spinner teleportation issue when a piece of a spinner breaks off caused by the remaining mass of a spinner being set to zero even though substantial amounts of mass still remained attached to a spinner.


  • Damage System - The old damage system is pretty much gone, and we have started rewriting the new one from scratch.  There is now a "Damage Multiplier" slider to play with in the "Test Arena".  This is the only arena (for now) in which you can adjust the amount of damage.
  • AI - Still mostly broken.  For the most part all the AI does is turn on its weapon at the beginning of the match and keep driving at the nearest opponent.  Once the new damage system has been straightened out we will redesign AI around the new approach to damage.
  • Lightweights, featherweights, and beetleweights - These robots are not sized properly. 
  • Beetle Crab and Crabsolutely Clawfull - They don't rest properly on flat surfaces, and driving them is sluggish.

Share your robot designs and .RR2Bot files on GameTechMods:


...and join the conversation on Twitter and GameTechMods:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/robotrumblegame

Gametechmods: https://gametechmods.com/forums/game-development/robot-rumble-2-0-robot-combat-s...


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I can't seem to do any damage to any robot, and the only place i've seen damage is when a robot is eliminated. Is it meant to be like this without the old damage system?

That’s correct. We haven’t started in damage computation yet. I’m still working on spinner impulse response. Once that is ready I can make a start at damage. It will probably be several months before we are satisfied with it.

Hi! I noticed that when you hit wheels with high KE weapons, the wheels don't break off, the motors do. Is this supposed to happen?

This was a poorly implemented bug fix to try to solve a problem when all of the components were broken off of an axle.  For some reason a substantial amount of mass was left behind.  I just wrapped up the finishing touches on an improved bug fix that doesn't rip off the whole motor in the process of getting rid of the axle's mass.

The new fix should be up shortly...

Over on GTM I posted a video of a glitch I noticed with the 03January build. Can you look at it?

By any chance did the 08January build fix the problem?

(2 edits)

I just tested it and it STILL gyrodances around. I think it has something to do with the motor. Maybe disabling the motor after what is attached to it breaks off will fix it. 

EDIT: But the spinner physics are AWESOME!!!!! Spinner mass reduction of 25% is super realistic.

EDIT 2: Shouldn't spinners spark when they nick the floor?

Spinners should spark when they hit the floor, but we haven't gotten that far yet. :)

Have you fixed the flippers

I’m not sure what you mean by this.  We haven’t touched the flipper mechanics in a while.  

At some point we will go back and sort out pneumatics, but motor driven flippers work pretty well now.

The prebuilt flippers are kinda weird. Sometimes they flip but theirs no animation from the arm just a puff of gas. Most times they dont work at all. Player deigned ones do though 

Gotcha!  We are putting zero development time into the prebuilt robots.  They aren’t currently built using the robot workshop, and will need to be redone once the workshop is ready.

Great! Will damage be fixed soon?


Working on it!  Damage is a long process.  I need to figure out spinner “bite” so that we can get damageable chassis plates working.  After that will be puncture damage.  Polycarbonate needs to handle punctures and spinner damage differently than UHMW, for example.  Once all of the mechanics are in place it will take a while to tweak all of the numbers.


Damage doesn't seem to to be working right now :( Can't even kill a 1lb ant

Also When will you(if ever) start on a brush less motor, so far all of the motors look like a brushed motor

More ideas because I can only think of this game

  • Banana for scale

Hmm.  Interesting.  The tools on the workbench should be to scale.  Also, the chassis shape grid is a 1 meter square.


definitely, it also seems like the bugglebots arena pit is still broken


i Notice a another problem for robot rumble 2 the flipper for earthquake and TR2 and manta are not working right 


Are you planning on keeping the RR2 Twitter up to date, or is it a lost cause?


Working on it.  We might be in need of a social media guru.  I’ll know more soon.

one of the main issues I’ve had with the Oct 10 build is that the bot direction and AI reset every time you enter into the workshop, which makes checking tourney bots really complicated. I’m not sure if this was fixed in this new update, but I thought it would be best to bring this to your attention.


Shoot.  I wasn’t aware of the issue.  Is this a problem with the AI system?

yeah. It just resets to the default AI after I look at the bot in the workshop. Also, if the front needs to be at 180 degrees, it resets to 0 whenever you go back to the workshop.


Drat.  I wasn’t planning to look at AI until after damage.  What absolutely positively needs to be fixed to run the tournament?

Nah, man, its fine. Just a bit of a hassle is all. I just was making you aware of it is all.

(2 edits)

I found a problem. Fire damage instantly makes all small parts fall off.

I drove a panel bot within a foot of the flame pit - not even on it - and it just collapsed in a heap.

Oh wow.  I didn’t notice that!  What were the panels made from?  How thick? Maybe wooden panels should burn? 🙂

Steel and polycarb, all 5mm.


I found the source of the problem, and should be able to put out a fix today.  There was some errant code in the flame pit that was directly changing the health of a component every tick, rather than going through the takeHeat() method.

We're still in the process of reworking damage, and this was a super-helpful catch.  Thank you!


Aye, Happy Finals Week, Chris! Glad to see you’ve awakened from your slumber. I’ve been doing my best to keep RR2 relevant with SvL while you were away, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with over break!


You are amazing.  Thank you!

PS - The new build is up!


I've been thinking about rollers for wheels, after my attempts to build some ate the entire frame rate

What I'm wondering is if it would be plausible to have an object that has significant friction in - say - the X axis, but none in Y or Z.

Assuming directional friction is possible in the engine, it would allow rollers on wheels - or in other places - to function without having to complicate the game's calculations with moving hinges.


It turns out that a big problem with player-made wheels was that the game was recognizing them as high-speed spinning weapons and adding Weapon_Blur_Cylinders to them.  The Weapon_Blur_Cylinders are designed to correctly calculate the result of impacts when a steel bar is spinning faster than approximately 400 RPM.  At this speed, the physics engine is essentially "teleporting" the spinning thing to its new location every tick.

Weapon_Blur_Cylinders do apply tangential forces, but they don't simulate friction, so driving with them is a terrible experience.

In the new build if you create a shape and set the material to "Rubber", the game will not create a Weapon_Blur_Cylinder at all.  This means that the game will use its normal friction system, and the robot will drive exactly like it would if you used premade wheels.


quick question as i haven't seen it posted an di'm new af to this game, how do you add robots that others have made to the game please, i'm looking for stuff in the game folders and i can't see anything

i think I can help. When you go to files, type “%APPDATA%” and hit enter. Next, use the drop-down menu where it says AppData and select LocalLow. Then select Nerd Lab Studios and then select Robots. Your personal bot files should all be located there. When downloading other people’s bots, just copy-paste them to that folder. Hope this helps you!


When the paint system gets properly built, we need the option to make custom paint shapes and to use coordinates to place them. I'd never be able to make a paint job like this without those two things



Hey! Any news or progress?
IK that you have a class to teach so yeah, no rush


No news or progress for the past six weeks.  We have been rewriting our entire physics course curriculum, one day at a time.  It has been a bit overwhelming.  I'm REALLY looking forward to things calming down so I can resume work on the game.


Aye, man. Take your time. We can wait. At least this will give me enough time to finish my tournament.


hey so Im a huge fan of the game, but I have a few questions.

1.   Are you going to make any other robots e.g. Behemoth, Magnetar, (Im choosing these 2 as they would be worthy apponents of TR3 and Manta)?

2.   When can we make our own arenas?

3.    Why does Bubblegum not work properly anymore?

4.    Why do player-made spinner robots randomly start flying when they reach a certain RPM?

I don't mind about Q2 but I think you guys need to look at 3&4 now and maybe Q1 later on once your happy with the physics and AI and damage system. Anyway, I like how this game is in constant development *cough* robot arena 3 *cough* and I cant wait for the next update. Again, great work guys, Im a huge fan, and I cant wait to see what the next update brings.



1. I doubt that they can use the bots you said because they are under the RW license, and they would need to acqure the rights which is hard

2. I honestly would like that, maybe it should work like Bot Builder?

3. Uh they will fix it most likely after the physics rework

4. I also experienced that which is weird

but behemoth and magnetar are free to use though

with number 1, there are people that have actually built really nice replicas of those bots along with many other awesome bots as well! I’d recommend asking Wham over on Gametechmods to see when he’s planning on releasing his reps to the public. I’d also recommend checking out his showcase, as the bots that he’s built over the past many months are absolutely stunning! Hopefully this comment helps!

1. We don’t have any plans currently.  I would like to get to the point where we can rebuild everything in the botlab first.  Maybe that’sa pipe dream, but it’s my pipe dream.

2.  The arena builder is still in the back of my mind.  We’re working on other things at the moment.

3. I found a bug with the collider for the weapon blur cylinder.  Hopefully this fixes Bubblegum.  I will check tomorrow.

4.  See #3.  I think it will be fixed on the next build.

When are we getting buffed HP, and no axle damage?

Not sure yet.  The going has been slow.  HP probably won’t even be a thing in the first few rewrites of the damage system.  The idea is that if a motor or ESC takes a hit, it stops working immediately.

I’m starting with breakable armor plates.  The plates will break off only if they are hit hard enough.  HP as a concept isn’t necessary for this, so I am leaving it out for now.

(1 edit)

This is actually  a great idea! Cant wait for it!

Are plates gonna be KJ limited? 

Like UHMW part will break off with less KJ, than Steel part?

Also White alu and steel when?


Yes, though I think UHMW will need special treatment because it is so slippery.  I want to make it really difficult to bite into UHMW.

It would be really handy to be able to set how fast a motor turns, or to have a higher limit to how big of a ratio you can set on a gearbox. My Panic Attack rep has difficulty using its forks for anything but conventional flipping, because I can't make them move slow enough despite a 10-0.1 ratio.

(1 edit)

It needs to be able to move them a good five to ten times slower to work properly.

The latest bleeding edge build lets you make gearboxes with as much reduction as you can make the space for.  1000:1 should be no problem if you stack three 10:1 gear sets.

I've been a tad nervous about the idea of trying the bleeding edge builds for the sake of my large number of robots, but I'll back them up and have a go.

Fair enough!  It is probably worth following the RR2 thread on GTM to see if anyone is having problems with each bleeding edge build before trying it.

(1 edit)

I've tried it, putting the forks on two gearboxes. The first at 10-0.1 and the second at 10-0.5. The forks move at the right speed, but they're completely useless.

If I try to lift them with any weight on them, they just go limp and fall back to the floor after about half a second.

why do you have pulleys but not chains 

On the most recent builds you should find both belts and chains.  They are currently identical mechanically.

Where can you find belts?

In the Robot Workshop, look under the "Motion" tab -> Transmissions.  You should find a variety of options to play with.  

Once you place a pulley, select it and drag one of the arrows to pull out a belt or chain in that direction.  You can make belts and chain as long as you need, and adjust the gear ratio by changing the size of the pulleys/gears.


I was just thinking, somebody with more social media stuff than me should tell NerdCubed about this, it's exactly what he's said he wants just about every time he's played a robot battler. :)

when is the next update for the game

Just posted a new bleeding edge build at


The newest build is 10October.

So... I built a heavyweight full-body spinner, with a miniscule part count for me of only 23. (Including the chassis.)

When I spin it up to speed in an actual battle, half the time the game crashes to menu on the spot.

And the other half, more often than not it crashes anyway as soon as I hit the opponent.

If I had to take a guess - with absolutely no experience regarding how the game might work but access to a lot of robots to observe - I think it might be in some way related to the robot not being applicable for the game's spinner mechanics.

Okay... Update: I'm trying it again, and this time the game is staying solid, I haven't had even one crash today.

Hmm.  Any ideas what might be different?

No idea at all, but these past three days I've continued to have no problems with it.

will there be anymore robots for the game 

We aren’t really focused on creating content right now.   We have our hands full with the botlab and the new damage system.  After that comes a rewrite of the AI system and tournament mode.  Once all that is in place, we should have some time to focus on new content.  

I anticipate that we won’t be thinking about any new robots for another year or two.

Will this work on windows xp?

I have no idea.  It isn’t officially supported, and we don’t have an XP machine to test on.  My guess is no.

i shall test it myself

Just a little irritation I've found while building some new wedge bots: it would be nice to be able to limit the travel on a hinge.

This is incredible so far! Sorry if I missed it: is there a roadmap or something accessible anywhere?  

Thanks!  Nothing so formal as a roadmap, but we have a pretty detailed devlog and community over on the GameTechMods forums:


Can you add a feature to disable the pit or have a hazardless test arena? The AI gets stuck so often that it's getting really annoying.

We will get to it, but not for a bit.  Our next priority is to completely rework the damage system.  Once that is ready we can rework the AI system.

I've built a four-wheel drive push bot, and for some reason it handles like a shopping trolley that can't decide whether to veer left or right. Every time I start moving I just have to guess and hope.

Are you running the 14SEPTEMBER bleeding edge build by any chance?  I tweaked friction/traction in that build.

Due to basically being protective over the large number of bots I have, I've been nervous about trying bleeding edge, so I'm still on 06August.

Gotcha.  I’m hoping to put out a new stable build by Friday, which should fix the traction issue.  Testers have been liking it so far over on GTM.

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Sweet. I'll let ya know if the problem persists.
Thinking about it actually, would it help if I give ya the bot file?

edit: That would be so you can find out whether the bot's traction issue is the same one you're fixing.

New stable build is out!  This should solve the friction problem.

Dude, This looks amazing so far, its like the predecessor to Robot Arena 2. You should totally get this up on steam, a multiplayer support would be amazing to see too, Cant wait to see what you do with this!

Steam - Definitely!

Multiplayer - We have people using Parsec for multiplayer now, but I think that is as far as we will go.  Real-time dedicated multiplayer servers aren't in the cards unless we completely change the scope of the project, which would require a massive investment of time and money.

I know that this is over 50 days ago, but how much time and money do you think it would take to make multiplayer be possible?

I can't give an accurate number, as I haven't done a multiplayer game before, but suffice it to say that without the support of tens of thousands of paying players every month, I doubt it would be economically viable.

Hey can you fix the blurriness when I zoom in? 

try the latest bleeding edge build if you haven't already 


I just removed Depth of Field blur in the BotLab on the latest bleeding edge build.  You should be all set!

this may not be related to glitches but, can anyone give me a good tutorial of how to create a good controlling bot for a base?

P.S Robot Rumble 2.0, could you please make a hollow half circle for full body spinners?

We would like to, but this is a little more complicated than it initially sounds.  I put it on our Trello board.

I recommend checking on the RR2 forums over at www.gametechmods.com.  There are lots of people over there who have been building some great heavyweight robot replicas.

In general, start with Ampflow A40-300 motors, attach some wheels, and be sure to increase the armor plate thickness in the “Materials” tab so that your robot weighs at least 100 kg.  Otherwise the motors are so powerful that they will flip your robot.

Any idea if the next build will fix the issue of heavy spinning weapons coming to a sudden stop when hitting the walls or the floor (and sometimes opponents)?

This is a simplification I made to avoid having to deal with coming up with an algorithm for computing the percentage of energy lost on different hit conditions. 

If you don’t mind my asking, what situation are you having where it doesn’t feel right to dump all of the spinner’s KE on the hit?

For example, a weapon spinning at a high rpm feels odd when it comes to a sudden stop against the wall or floor. It just seems a little bit more realistic if the weapons kind of bounce the bot away from the surface it struck if the bite depth wasn't great enough to exert all of the force.

This is super helpful.  Thank you!

Right now I'm thinking the following:

1. If there is a glancing blow, the weapon will bounce off without losing speed. (DONE)

2. If there is a direct hit, the weapon will lose all of its speed, dumping all of its KE into the robots involved. (DONE)

3. There needs to be a gray area between #1 and #2.  Something in between a "good hit" and a "glancing blow".  (NOT DONE)  Maybe the "glancing blow" situation needs to be adjusted depending on the quality of the hit such that a fraction of the speed is lost, but not all of it.

That's exciting, this game is definitely heading in the right direction. Heck, in its current state, it's the best robot combat simulator available.

hi have done a update for the game on 29th of august 

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the game wont download could you help please


  1. Are you using a mac or a PC?
  2. Which web browser are you using?
  3. When you click the download button, what happens?

Hey, I can't save robots  in the latest version. Do I need to manually save it or is it just broken? 

Sorry about that!  We introduced a few features in rapid succession that caused the problem (see comments from 17 days ago).  The fix is fairly painless.  You just need to add a few things to the affected robot’s save files.  Here’s a link detailing how to fix the files:


Is there a 32bit version of this application?


We don’t have a 32-bit machine to test on, so we weren’t planning on making one.

to test it on a 32 bit os run it in a vm.

(Win 10 is free to download and use from the microsoft website).

will you add an online mode like RA2 eventually

Unfortunately it isn’t currently in the budget.  I did a projection a few months ago, and we estimated it would add a few hundred thousand dollars to the development costs to properly rebuild the game around online multiplayer.  Our total budget is only a small fraction of that.

Please if you could, please make a horizontal spinner similar to carbide or tombstone, and make a new full body spinner that is actually good.

I have posted my issues on GTM, Keep up the good work tho!

Awesome!  Thank you!  School has started, so it might be a few weeks before I get to them, but once things have normalized, I should be back in the swing.

The game is looking fantastic as of the August 6th build. Great work!!

Thank you!

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