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Hi all! RR2 dev here. If you all have any questions about the game, please join the The official Robot Rumble 2 server!

People will answer to all of the questions you have, plus it's a nice community.

Como eu adiciono os robôs no jogo

question is there a steam version or a version that does not use winzip


To anyone with questions join the discord
everyone in there is willing to help with whatever problems you may have

help i dont know how to downlaod the game 


once you download the bots off the discord then how do you get them into the game

please let me play the game

what do you suggest I should do

I can't go into the game because my Mac is not letting me

What part of it are you struggling with?
if you are having trouble loading in after creating the chassis that is a known bug you have to just load it over and over again till it works. something I think could be used as a quick fix is adding three layers instead of two that usually works for me. if its something else I would encourage you to join the discord as the people there are incredibly helpful.

If it says that the author of the game is not known and wont let you open the game then there is a way to disable that safety setting in your settings which will let you install and open the game.

you should be able to find out how to do this online if you cant ask me and i will find the link i used


it's  a overly complicated clusterfuck. KerbalSpacePrgram went that rout and it sucked a fat dick. Give me the BotoMatic WonderThumperMaker! where you pick the parts and it does the rest. I refuse to program A-Fucking i.  fuck around with a fucking awkward Blender wannabe. It sucks a fat as dick in Blender. and KSP.

Tell us this game is too complicated for you without telling us the game is too complicated for you.

Having to jump into doing programming goes from game, to job.


Go to the Robot Rumble 2 discord and download areans and bots that other people have already made. I love this game and I haven't had to build a single bot.

😁😍👍❤❤ Thank you!

Hi does anyone have a link for the May28 2021 Build i have The version downloaded but i would like the link for a backup

I wish you a happy new year, energy and perseverance for the work to do and for everybody with much expectations for such a nice game, I wish a full working 1.0 build ASAP, may be in 2022 ?   It would be nice... (And I wish myself more time and even more a better machine to give a try to the "bleeding edge builds on Discord" ! ^_^)

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Hello! There something problem when I launched the app, it looks like kinda Unity Crash Reporter appear and the game just exit by itself... Help?? Just happened today...

If you shut down and restart does it still happen?

Yes.. It still happened...

This suddenly started happening after you have been using the build for a while?  Or is this a new copy that you just downloaded?

I already have the build earlier... I don't know why it happened.. maybe it because I haven't use it for a while... you may check the update date on my video at 

Very strange.  By any chance are you on Discord?  If so there is a pretty active community of folks who are willing to help troubleshoot.  If not my best advice is to download and reinstall.

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where can i get a earlier build?

We don’t like to keep the older bills in circulation.  So many issues, and even the stable ones are pretty far behind technology-wise.

Is there any more updates on Robot Rumble 2? I was waiting for the June updates, but could you tell me when the new update will be released ( approximately)?

We have done a large series of “bleeding edge builds” made available to the people on our Discord server.  We are pushing for a stable build as soon as we can, but there are some major changes that need a lot of testing before they can be called “stable”.

If you are interested, people have been running tournaments using the bleeding edge builds on Discord.

What is the minimum spec requirement to play RR2 smoothly? Do you have any updated info about release date on Steam?

Not even remotely for both questions.  We are still making massive changes to gameplay.  Our tongue in cheek answer to full release is 2029.

I downloaded the file but couldnt find a way to start the game. Any tips? thx

First you will need to extract the zip file to a folder on the desktop.  Once you have done this you we’ll need to run the program.  On Windows you will need to click on the .exe file. On a mac you just need to click the program.  It is likely that it will ask permission because the software is not yet registered on an app store.

Are there new arenas? How do I get them

Great question! 

Discord is the place to go for all of the community arenas.

i am wondering something, will there be a version of the bot building that is more simplified for doofuses like me who dont know how to build the bots and connect the wires and stuff so i was wondering if that would happen because it would be a big relief for me because i know the bot building is simplified but i still think another option for bot building that is simplified might be a good idea.

I completely agree!  Once we get the basics down like damage and a few other things we are planning on coming out of alpha and into beta.  At that point we will shift focus to making it easier to get started with the game and to learn how to build robots.

In the meanwhile are you able to check out our Discord server?  There are a ton of helpful folks there who can get you started.


HOW do you get to your user directory and how many bots are there also can you send me some links of rr2 robot packs pls 

i downloaded february alpha build and built abot but no other bots show up and i downloaded the shock bots november file

In order to get the robots in the game you file need to place them into a special folder on your computer.  I strongly recommend checking out our Discord server for help with this.  We have several tutorials, as well as an active user community where you can ask questions.

im not aloud discord

No worries!  Here is a quick description of how to place the robots in your \Robots folder if you are on Windows.  Please scroll down a few posts to see the full conversation:

“ If you are on Windows you will first need to go into the robot workshop and create a new robot.  Once you have done this you should be able to find a /Robots folder in a hidden folder in your user directory called "AppData".

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There are several replica packs created by the community.  I recommend checking out our Discord server and asking around to see what people have made for the game.

hi again i actually have a older version of rr2 its from 2019 and the graphics are very glitchy.I downloaded the stock robots November file and none of the robots came up on the game and BTW when i go on to lava pit and whearhouse arena it just zooms in  my name

Any versions of the game from 2019 are extremely early prototypes.

I'm having trouble trying to game the game to work. I downloaded both versions for mac and they just aren't working! The 07October2020-Alpha-Build keeps shuts down by itself and the 07February2021-Alpha-Build won't allow me to exit and is just a black screen. If you could do anything to help that would be great

Hmmm... This is really strange. The game runs fine on both my 2013 macbook air and my 2016 macbook pro.  If you don’t mind my asking, what type of mac are you using?

If you’re talking about the model (from what I found on it) it is a ‘20-inch, early 2008’.  Aside from that, I don’t really know. I’m not that great with computers lol

Gotcha.  The computer is too old to run the game.

Is there by any chance an unreleased  Linux version?

If not, many people might like that, Linux is getting more and more popular, and wine does not always work to well.

It’s not officially supported, but a few people have had luck using Proton (???) with the game.  You should be able to ask around on the Discord server to see what settings people are using to get the game running.

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Ok, I'll have to try steam then, I was just using wine for the windows download that I got from here.

Edit: I can't download it on steam, whats going on?

Is there anyway I can download the BattleBots pack and game together? Also is the BattleBots pack even out yet?

Great questions!  The Battlebots replica pack was created by community members.  I believe it is available now, though since we have no official relationship with BattleBots I can’t make it (or any other community project for that matter) part of the official game.  

I recommend checking out the community on Discord.  There are tons of friendly builders there who can help you with the community packs.

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hi, I've just downloaded robot rumble 2 February 2021 alpha build and when i open the file it doesn't work the game doesn't load up at all.

Uh oh!  

By any chance did you extract the file to somewhere other than you downloads folder?

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Hi, I just downloaded the RR2 windows February Alpha Build, and when I launched the game and tried to select a bot, there were no bots and there was an error saying 'Bot error loading' what could be the problem? I just downloaded it and granted firewall access too.

New bots that I make show up..but no other bots are there

Sorry about that!  We are working on getting premade robots into the game.  For now we have put a link to a bunch of robots up here on itch.  Instructions for getting them into the game are on the Discord server linked above.  The user community has created many many more robots available on Discord as well.


how do i run the game? i am using the latest microsoft version (or trying to) but it wont work, i dont see any .zip or .exe files, it is just _MACOSX and another file that says RR2-windows-febuary2021-Alpha-Build and i dont know what to do


nevermind, i found how, just how do i get the bots?


Great question!  If you are on Windows you will first need to go into the robot workshop and create a new robot.  Once you have done this you should be able to find a /Robots folder in a hidden folder in your user directory called "AppData".

I strongly recommend you check out our Discord server.  There are tutorials there for accessing the /Robots folder, as well as a big support community to help you with questions.


i am too young for discord


but i have another question, when will rr2 be released on steam?

Absolutely no idea.  We are planning to put out one more stable build with damage, then we will be beginning the process of a ground-up rewrite of most of the systems in the game in preparation for a beta release on Steam.

I have no idea how long this process will take.

i tried to find the /robots file and i looked through everrything and couldn't find it, i am on windows 10 laptop and i really want to know how desperately

How do you get into the game

it says the code is expier

Hi there!  It looks like you made your way to the Discord server.  These are really great questions to ask there — we have a bunch of tutorials and people online to help you get started.


How do you get in to play?

This is the BEST robot building simulator i ever played!!If the game has damage system,I will throw my out-to-date RA3 or even RA2 away.

There's some questions and suggests:

1-Robots'names in the game folder are numbers like"000000.RR2Bot",sorting these are difficult.May you guys change them to"<robot name>.RR2Bot" in next version so I can sort my bots easily?

2-I've built a robot that has a  rear spinner,a 4-bar flipper,a 4-bar lifter and a actuated small spinner in front of it(The bot is Heavyweight class.Don't ask me why this thing haven't overweighed...).These weapons are independently controlled in my design,but it never happen in game because of the Buttons and Analogs the game given are just not enough.Can you add something like RA2-like controls in game?

3-Though it's probably hard for you,I still wanna have features that makes free-rotating shapes can be connected with other shapes as Rod-Drive,and Gears outside the bot driving a Spinner,lifter and more(like Bloodsport ,SOW,and SlamMow's).

4-I can't make a hollow shape(like RA2 Hollow discs)with Built-in Shape Generator.Will you add this function later?

5-BUG REPORT 1——If a wheel is added on a free axle,then the wheel will not work and cause some part of the robot went wrong,making the robot unplayable.

6-BUG REPORT 2——When robots was selected into a battle and one of them has been immoblized,the countdown will NOT start at first and I need to reset the battle for a countdown.

7-BUG REPORT 3——Some robots will be throwed into air when a battle is not started,and some of these will be unable to control.

8-BUG REPORT 4——The old D.B.,which can be toggled for testing,will be sent into air at first,and lost its iconic sawblade weapon when it stopped bumping around the test cage.

Well done!  Thank you for these!

By any chance have you checked out our Discord server?  If you are interested there is a pretty active community discussing bug fixes and where we are going with the game.  

1. Fixing naming and file handling is on our critical path to Beta.  It will definitely be something that we will need to address.

2. We can definitely take it under advisement.  No promises.

3. We have to think very carefully about every mechanism that we put in the game.  It needs to be both possible and stable given Unity's PhysX engine.  Some arrangements create wobbly messes (think chain linkages) that aren't at all suitable for our purposes.  If you have a particular design in mind that you can draw, we would love to hear about it in Discord.

4. Hollow shapes are hard!  The reason is Unity PhysX doesn't actually support them.  You have to make them from a series of convex shapes arranged in a circle, and this creates all sorts of performance issues.  It is something we can look at though, but we have to be very careful to not tank the game's performance in the process.

BUG REPORT 1——I have to admit, I haven't even tried adding a wheel to a free axle yet.  Nice catch!

BUG REPORT 2——The countdown time should start after 5 seconds of immobilization.  Not sure what is going wrong here though...

BUG REPORT 3——If it isn't too much trouble would you mind joining the Discord server and posting the robots with the bugs?  I thought we had fixed all of the instances of exploding robots (actually caused by an error in a script).  We could definitely use your .RR2Bot files for troublshooting.

BUG REPORT 4——The old D.B. (emphasis on OLD) is build using an ancient unity prefab and scripts.  We will need to rebuild it using the bot lab to make it work correctly.  Its on the list, but we aren't there yet.


I've joined the Discord,but I am in china and have no VPN so I cannot join the discussion or share my robot designs:( there any pneumatic 4-Bar flipper before I post this comment?


There aren't.  For now we just have simple rotation and linear actuation.  People have been able to combine the two to create something that moves in a way similar to a 4-bar linkage.  It isn't exactly the same, but it is close.

Also wheres .exe file

How do i extract it and copy it to my pc?

How do you open the game?

First, move the .zip file somewhere other than your downloads folder.  Once you do that you should be able to extract and see the .exe file.

how do you open the game

First, extract the zip file to a different directory.  It needs to be somewhere other than the “downloads” folder.  Then find the .exe file inside and double click on it to run the game.

Sorry for the late reply! Thank you!

how do i add the stock robots (nov2020) to one one the windows (Dec20/Oct20) ? 


Hi Wolfgang!  Thanks for checking us out!

Instructions for adding .RR2Bot files to the game and much much more are available on our Discord server.  All of our community support folks are super active on our server.  Come check us out!

alrighty, Ill use that for my FAQs. :) thanks 

I'm positive you guys are sick and tired of me, but I have a question. Can you PLEASE put the rumble box arena in the games for mac? I and many others would DIE for that arena. It's just like the battlebots arena and it would make the experience just that much better!

Sorry about that!

We are still working on our arena builder at the moment.  Once it is ready you will be able to create and share arenas.  I believe the Rumble Box is a user-made arena and we can not include it with the game.  We will be including other cool arenas though!

Rumble Box arena was in game before, its just that those were AMT made arenas, and AI doesnt work in AMT arenas as of now

This is the first time I've downloaded a zip file. How do I access the game from there?

No worries!

First, copy the .zip file to your Desktop.

Next, right click the file to extract it,

Last, find the .exe file in the extracted folder and click on it.


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hammer fired at the start and my spinners don't do power shots! really sad because my ghost raptor recreate was my most powerful robot so now i have to remove the copy it, and delete the bar and make it a lifter. :( but faster loading time finally!  just noticed that their is no count out! do you think you can get the ais to work correctly

No worries!  There are a few AI scripts on the Discord server that should work for your hammer and flipper.  Have you been able to join the Discord?

We have Joe Strout on the dev team now.  Here’s the inventor of the miniscript programming language we are issuing for AI.  With his help we should be able to rework the AI to make it performant and fast to program.

Make the spinners powerful again


Spinner power is a function of component choices: battery configuration, ESC voltage and current, motor selection, gearing, and weapon design.  There is a lot to learn and to experiment with in the new builds.  Have you checked out the community builds on Discord?  There are a lot of builders there with great designs to crib from.

I'm using a powerful battery with 160 ESC with the most powerful ampflow and it doesn nothing

That 160 amp ESC is limited to 36 volts, so your aren’t going to be able to hit extremely hard with the AmpFlow.  The hardest-hitting spinners are typically powered by an ME0708 with a solenoid instead of an ESC.  Either that or a brushless motor with the bleeding edge Trampa VESC geared down.

Can you guys put the weapon power the same ad the last build? I love the new fix with horizontal spinners, you guys did a fantastic job. But now there are no big hits or collisions. Nothing goes flying and there are little action to the fights. Before it was perfect, please consider putting it back to how it was before.

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